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Shangri La Legend

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Shangri La Legend

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Shangri La Legend Video

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Early European travellers to Tibet consistently told the same tale of a hidden spiritual center of power. The only difference, that these spoke of Shambhala being a hidden world underneath the surface of the planet.

It was sometimes spelt Agharti , Asgartha or Agarttha , although it is now commonly known as Shambhala and often confused travellers.

I use the word " Agharta " here to identify the subterranean version of Shambhala. Taking the legend in its most basic form , Agharta is said to be a mysterious underground kingdom situated somewhere beneath Asia and linked to the other continents of the world by a gigantic network of tunnels.

These passageways, partly natural formations and partly the handiwork of the race which created the subterranean nation , provide a means of communication between all points, and have done so since time immemorial.

According to the legend, vast lengths of the tunnels still exist today; the rest have been destroyed by cataclysms. The exact location of these passages, and the means of entry, are said to be known only to certain high initiates, and the details are most carefully guarded because the kingdom itself is a vast storehouse of secret knowledge.

Some claim that the stored knowledge is derived from the lost Atlantean civilisation and of even earlier people who were the first intelligent beings to inhabit the earth.

His realm was transferred underground and concealed from the surface-dwellers at the start of the Kali Yuga , which he dates around BCE.

Agharta also enjoys the benefits of a technology advanced far beyond our own. Not only the latest discoveries of modern man, but the whole wisdom of the ages is enshrined in its libraries.

Among its many secrets are those of the relationship of soul to body , and of the means to keep departed souls in communication with incarnate ones.

When the world adopts Synarchical government the time will be ripe for Agharta to reveal itself. Until the start of the twentieth century, the legend of Agharta remained very much Stories of Agharta had widely spread in Europe but evidence to support the claims remained as elusive as ever.

Indeed, it might well have been expected that in the rational and materialistic new century, such stories would finally be confined to the realms of fantasy: a colourful tradition to be ranked alongside other ancient mysteries such as the lost continents of Atlantis and Mu.

But such a supposition did not allow for the remarkable discoveries of two intrepid explorers who in the s went into the vastness of Asia and there unearthed evidence about Agharta which far exceeded that of any previous reports.

Their accounts, indeed, became the cornerstone of our present knowledge of the secret kingdom. One made his discoveries about Agharta while fleeing for his life from the Bolsheviks in Russia ; the other came shortly after from self-imposed exile in America , seeking to penetrate the mysteries of Tibet.

Their names were Ferdinand Ossendowski and Nicholas Roerich. The King of the World - Ossendowski's Story:. Russian traveller Ferdinand Ossendowski said he noticed there were times in his Mongolian travels when men and beasts paused, silent and immobile, as though listening.

The herds of horses , the sheep and cattle, stood fixed to attention or crouched close to the ground.

The birds did not fly, and marmots did not run and the dogs did not bark. The wind did not blow and the sun did not move…. All living beings in fear were involuntarily thrown into prayer and waiting for their fate.

He knows all the forces of the world and reads all the souls of mankind and the great book of their destiny. He was also told of the miraculous powers of the Tibetan monks , and the Dalai Lama in particular — powers that foreigners could scarcely begin to appreciate.

Interestingly, Ossendowski reports that the enormous powers the people of Agharta were believed to control could be used to destroy whole areas of the planet , but equally could be harnessed as the means of propulsion of the most amazing vehicles of transport.

It has been suggested that this could be a prediction of nuclear energy and flying saucers! The Sign of Shambhala - Roerich's Story:.

Roerich too, maintained a diary of thoughts , from which we find the following: In August the shrine was consecrated in a solemn ceremony by a number of notable lamas invited to the site for the purpose, and after the event, writes Roerich , the Buriat guides forecast something auspicious impending.

A day or two later, a large black bird was observed flying over the party. Beyond it, moving high in the cloudless sky, a huge, golden, spheroid body , whirling and shining brilliantly in the sun , was suddenly espied.

Through three pairs of binoculars the travellers saw it fly rapidly from the north , from the direction of Altai , then veer sharply and vanish towards the southwest , behind the Humboldt mountains.

Victoria LePage describes its significance as such:. In its vivid colour and factuality, its bizarre but unarguable reference to an unknown golden aircraft that behaved as no ordinary airplane could, the Roerich story could rightly be called the first reliable intimation that the kingdom of Chang Shambhala was perhaps knowable as more than an intellectual curiosity, a popular Asian fable… and from about onward the world centre in the northern mountains exerted on Western occult circles the fascination of an idea whose time has come.

Which brings us to the very nature of reality. Paranormal experiences , including UFO sightings, are always indicative of an altered state of consciousness that allows the witness to see other realities.

Often the experience is similar to a lucid dream , where ordinary space-time physics no longer applies. For an idea as to what the Shambhala Kingdom looks like, we must delve slightly into Tibettan Buddhist mythology.

Mount Meru is a place which simultaneously represents the center of the universe and the single-pointedness of mind sought by adepts. Thousands of miles in height, Meru is located somewhere beyond the physical plane of reality , in a realm of perfection and transcendence.

Symbolic representations of Mount Meru are commonly found in Tibetan mandalas , contemplative diagrams designed to aid meditators in focusing.

It is said that Meru has its roots in hell , and its summit in heaven. Meru is surrounded by seven rings of golden mountains, each separated from the other by one of seven circular oceans.

It is crowned by a golden palace wherein Indra , king of Hindu gods , resides. This entire superstructure rises from an outer ocean, and is flanked by four main continents, each with two subcontinents.

The southern continent, Jambudvipa , corresponds to the physical earth. Each of the other continents represents a nearby planet upon which transmigrating souls following the yellow light-path may be reborn.

However, it is said that all of these worlds are undesirable, for they are non-human worlds inhabited by sheep , cattle, or horses.

The teachings of Buddhism clearly state that existence as a human being is the only way to achieve Buddhahood , so rebirth in any other form including that of a deva or demigod is a distraction from the path to enlightenment.

According to legend, somewhere in the northwest region of Jambudvipa lies a land called Shambhala. This is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower.

It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years; in fact, the legend of Shambhala predates the introduction of Buddhism into Tibet.

In the aboriginal Bon religion , Shambhala is known as Olmolungrung, and is based on the square instead of the circle. Shambhala forms a gateway between the physical and spiritual realms.

It is endowed with riches, and is ideally suited for the habitat of enlightened souls. They are not attached to the fruits of karma , and are but one step from Buddhahood.

This is the realm to be sought for rebirth if one desires the swiftest path to nirvana. Many western explorers, hearing tales of a "golden city" of Shambhala , sought to find it in the frozen wastes of northern Tibet.

This resulted in the present-day term " Shangri-la ," which, like El Dorado, signifies an unattainable goal. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding, for ultimately Shambhala is a place accessible to anyone, if only one can be free of karmic attachments.

While people especially Tibetan lamas have been searching for Shambhala for centuries, those who seek the kingdom often never return, either because they have found the hidden country and have remained there or because they have been destroyed in the attempt.

Tibetan texts containing what appear to be historical facts about Shambhala , such as the names and dates of its kings and records of corresponding events occurring in the outside world , give Tibetans additional reason for believing that the kingdom exists.

Recent events that seem to correspond to the predictions of the mythic kingdom add strength to their belief. The disintegration of Buddhism in Tibet and the growth of materialism throughout the world , coupled with the wars and turmoil of the 20th century, all fit in with the prophecy of Shambhala.

The Nazi Connection:. Even Hitler was intrigued with the idea of Shambhala. Hitler was quite mystic-minded. In his youth, he studied the occult and yoga in Vienna , and received initiation into the American Indian peyote cult.

Later he turned to Theosophy. He was invited to join an occult group in Germany , called Ultima Thule, which planned to take over Germany. This later became the Nazi Party.

Once Hitler assumed power, one of his ministries was that of Ancestral Memories , headed by the Chairman of the Sanskrit Department at Munich University.

It controlled the concentration camps. Through this connection with Sanskrit studies, the Nazis adopted the swastika , an ancient Indian symbol of immutable good luck.

It has appeared as a symbol throughout the Hindu , Buddhist , and Jain worlds for thousands of years.

Hitler hoped it would likewise bring him good fortune. Hitler gathered information about as many of the occult groups of the world as he could. His aim was to find the elements common with Theosophy and to reinterpret these teachings in terms of its theory.

With the help of the explorer Sven Hedlin, he sent several expeditions to Tibet. They were searching for contacts with Shambhala to obtain their help for ruling the world.

They claimed that although Shambhala rejected them, they were able to contact and gain help from the mystic kingdom of Agardhi that Blavatsky had mentioned.

Before the main Nazi leaders were executed after the Nürenberg trials, it was reported that the leaders held an unknown religious ceremony led by a man with the keys to Agardhi.

The Eastern mystical view of the world can be quite different from the Western scientific view of it. It maybe that the guidebooks to Shambhala are describing a landscape transformed by the visions of a yogi taking the journey there: Where we would see a mountaintop gleaming with snow, he would see a golden temple with a shining god.

In that case, we might be able to travel the same path , but with a different view of reality. To travel to Shambhala is to undertake at one and the same time an inner mystical journey and an outer physical one through desolate and mountainous territory to a cosmic powerhouse.

An old Tibetan story tells of a young man who set off on the quest for Shambhala. Radiation is still so intense, the area is highly dangerous.

A heavy layer of radioactive ash in Rajasthan , India , covers a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur.

Scientists are investigating the site, where a housing development was being built. For some time it has been established that there is a very high rate of birth defects and cancer in the area under construction.

The levels of radiation there have registered so high on investigators' gauges that the Indian government has now cordoned off the region. Scientists have unearthed an ancient city where evidence shows an atomic blast dating back thousands of years, from 8, to 12, years, destroyed most of the buildings and probably a half-million people.

One researcher estimates that the nuclear bomb used was about the size of the ones dropped on Japan in The Mahabharata clearly describes a catastrophic blast that rocked the continent.

An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10, suns, rose in all its splendor Their hair and nails fell out, pottery broke without any apparent cause , and the birds turned white.

To escape from this fire , the soldiers threw themselves into the river. Historian Kisari Mohan Ganguli says that Indian sacred writings are full of such descriptions, which sound like an atomic blast as experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He says references mention fighting sky chariots and final weapons. An ancient battle is described in the Drona Parva, a section of the Mahabharata.

There are comments about the contamination of food and people's hair falling out. Archeologist Francis Taylor says that etchings in some nearby temples he has managed to translate suggest that they prayed to be spared from the great light that was coming to lay ruin to the city.

The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare. Construction has halted while the five member team conducts the investigation.

The foreman of the project is Lee Hundley, who pioneered the investigation after the high level of radiation was discovered. Where did the Nazis relocate too?

The north pole? Where is there said to be an entrance to the underworld? Who lives in the underworld?

Vishnu , the Aryans of alien origin, links to atlantis and the stories of hyperborea? So did the nazis meet a vishnu like alien?

Did they make peaceful first contact with this alien race at the north pole or did they defeat them and take their technology for themselves?

Hope you guys can follow my scrambled thought patterns. De-jung is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra Tantra and the ancient texts of the Zhang Zhung culture which predated Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet.

The Bön scriptures speak of a closely related land called Olmolungring. Whatever its historical basis, Shambhala gradually came to be seen as a Buddhist Pure Land , a fabulous kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic.

It was in this form that the Shambhala myth reached the West , where it influenced non-Buddhist as well as Buddhist spiritual seekers — and, to some extent, popular culture in general.

In the Buddhist Kalachakra teachings. Sambhala this is the form found in the earliest Sanskrit manuscripts of Kalacakra texts; the Tibetans usually transliterated this as " Shambhala " Tib.

Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have taught the Kalachakra tantra on request of King Suchandra of Shambhala ; the teachings are also said to be preserved there.

Shambhala is believed to be a society where all the inhabitants are enlightened , actually a Buddhist Pure Land , centered by a capital city called Kalapa.

The Buddhist version may be a mythicization of an actual culture whose geographical location can be found in Inner Asia.

Rigden , a monarch who upholds the integrity of the Kalachakra tantra. The Kalachakra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed , and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish "Dark Forces" and usher in a worldwide Golden Age.

Manjushri Yashas Tib. Rigdan Tagpa is said to have been born in BC and ruled over a kingdom of , followers of the Mlechha Yavana or " western " religion , some of whom worshiped the sun.

He is said to have expelled all the heretics from his dominions but later, after hearing their petitions, allowed them to return. For their benefit , and the benefit of all living beings , he explained the Kalachakra teachings.

As with many concepts in the Kalachakra Tantra , the idea of Shambhala is said to have "outer", "inner", and "alternative" meanings.

The outer meaning understands Shambhala to exist as a physical place, although only individuals with the appropriate karma can reach it and experience it as such.

As the 14th Dalai Lama noted during the Kalachakra initiation in Bodhgaya , Shambhala is not an ordinary country: There are various ideas about where this society is located, but it is often placed in central Asia , north or west of Tibet.

Mongolians identify Shambala with certain valleys of southern Siberia. The inner and alternative meanings refer to more subtle understandings of what Shambhala represents in terms of one's own body and mind inner , and the meditation practice alternative.

These two types of symbolic explanations are generally passed on orally from teacher to student.

The first Kalachakra masters of the tradition disguised themselves with pseudonyms, so the Indian oral traditions recorded by the Tibetans contain a mass of contradictions with regard to chronology.

Western receptions. The Western fascination with the idea of Shambhala is surprisingly great, and has often been based upon fragmented accounts from the Kalachakra tradition.

Tibet was largely closed to Westerners until the twentieth century, and so what information was available about the tradition of Shambhala was haphazard at best.

In they headed to Tashilhunpo , the seat of the Panchen Lama and, discovering their mistake, returned to India. Interestingly enough, due north from India to between these latitudes is eastern Kazakhstan , which is characterized by green hills, low mountains, rivers , and lakes.

This is in contrast to the landscape of the provinces of Tibet and Xinjiang in eastern China , which are high mountains and arid. During the 19th century, Theosophical Society founder HP Blavatsky alluded to the Shambhala myth , giving it currency for Western occult enthusiasts.

Blavatsky , who claimed to be in contact with a Great White Lodge of Himalayan Adepts , mentions Shambhala in several places without giving it especially great emphasis.

The Mahatmas , we are told, are also active around Shigatse and Luxor. Blavatsky's Shambhala , like the headquarters of the Great White Lodge , is a physical location on our earth , albeit one which can only be penetrated by a worthy aspirant.

Later esoteric writers further emphasized and elaborated on the concept of a hidden land inhabited by a hidden mystic brotherhood whose members labor for the good of humanity.

Alice A. Bailey has Shamballa her spelling to be an extra-dimensional or spiritual reality on the etheric plane, a spiritual centre where the governing deity of Earth , Sanat Kumara , dwells as the highest avatar of the Planetary Logos of Earth , and is said to be an expression of the Will of God.

Nicholas and Helena Roerich led a expedition aimed at Shambhala. Apparently inspired by Theosophical lore, Soviet agent Yakov Blumkin led two Tibetan expeditions to discover Shambhala , in and Similarly, Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess sent a German expedition to Tibet in , and then again in , and in Some later occultists , noting the Nazi link, view Shambhala or the closely related underground realm of Aghartha as a source of negative manipulation by an evil or amoral conspiracy.

Chögyam Trungpa used the " Shambhala " name for certain of his teachings, practices, and organizations e.

Shambhala Training, Shambhala International, Shambhala Publications , referring to the root of human goodness and aspiration from which the Shambhala myth itself emerges.

In Trungpa's view , Shambhala has its own independent basis in human wisdom that does not belong to East or West , or to any one culture or religion.

In Fiction. Shambhala has been appropriated in a variety of modern comic books including The Shadow, Prometheus , AD, Gargoyles 6, and Warlord.

Alan Hovhaness composed a double concerto for sitar, violin and orchestra named ' Shambala ' in for Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin.

Partial lyrics include "Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain with the rain in Shambala. Totenkopf's uranium mine is located.

Thomas Pynchon includes Shambhala in his novel Against the Day. In his portrayal, Shambhala is an underground city and the subject of intense searches by European powers in the early part of the 20th century, which include underground desert ships.

In the video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, developed by Naughty Dog , Shambhala is referred to in the songs on the soundtrack and it is portrayed that an attempt to reach it was the reason for Marco Polo's ill-fated journey home from China in , and also the location of the Cintamani Stone and the mythical Tree of Life.

At the end of the game, the player reaches the city, and it is the setting of the final 2 levels. On occasions he mentions his training as a Shambhala master and has to prove himself through trials of good and evil.

Shambhala is portrayed as an ethereal place that is not of this world. In the anime film, Fullmetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa , the leader of the Thule occult society of s Germany believes the fictional world Amestris to be Shamballa.

Some of his travels and experiences are recorded in his book Beasts , Men and Gods , first published in English in In this work Ossendowski tells of a remarkable story which was imparted to him concerning a subterranean kingdom which constitutes an inner earth domain.

This kingdom was known to the Asian Buddhist Lamas as Agharti. Interestingly, Ossendowski was informed that the entrance to this subterranean world was a cave which was marked with the inscription "This is the gate to Agharti ".

Another Russian explorer, Nicholas Roerich , comments on this curious matter in his book , Abode of Light : "Among the innumerable legends and fairytales of various countries may be found the tales of lost tribes or subterranean dwellers.

In wide and diverse directions , people are speaking of identical facts. But in correlating them you can readily see that these are but chapters from the one story.

In his fascinating and informative book The Lost World of Agharti the author, Alec MacLennan, covers in considerable detail the worldwide ramifications of this subterranean kingdom.

He shows that there may well be a number of cavernous openings on various parts of the globe which in effect are portals into an inner earth domain.

He locates one such entrance in the remote West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and others have been reported, in particular, throughout various parts of the Americas.

To quote Alec MacLennan: "Taking the legend in its most basic form , Agharti is said to be a mysterious underground kingdom situated somewhere beneath Asia and linked to the other continents of the world by a gigantic network of tunnels.

These passageways, partly natural formations and partly the handiwork of the race which created the subterranean nation , provide a means of communication between all the points, and have done so since time immemorial.

These manuscripts are claimed to be the works of the lost Atlantean civilization and of an even earlier people who were the first intelligent beings to inhabit the earth.

Furthermore, in an autobiographical volume entitled My Joyful Life , Charles James Cutcliffe-Hyne who lived in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, provides the following interesting information : "In South America I heard tell that there were enormous tunnels that traverse the continent, ultimately linking with this forbidden place.

More curious still, there was similar talk in Europe , and even some old people in the West Riding knew the story and believe there to be entrances through their own caves.

The kingdom was said to be called Agharti. Raymond Bernard states: "Throughout the Buddhist world of the Far East , belief in the existence of a Subterranean World , which is given the name Agharti , is universal and is an integral part of the Buddhist faith.

This reminds one of Noah, who was really an Atlantean, who saved a worthy group prior to the coming of the flood that submerged Atlantis.

Another curious enigma, which may have some bearing on the foregoing, concerns the mysterious disappearance of the English explorer Col.

Percy H. Fawcett in the Matto Grosso Amazonian region of central Brazil , in Fawcett disappeared without any subsequent trace with two companions, his elder son Jack and an American friend , Raleigh Rimell.

The intrepid explorer was searching for an ancient Lost City which he believed might have links with the antedeluvian civilisation known as Atlantis.

Before setting off on his last fateful journey, Col. Fawcett communicated to his younger son Brian: "The answer to the enigma of Ancient South America — and perhaps of the prehistoric world — may be found when those old cities are located and opened up to scientific research.

That the cities exist , I know. When writing about Col. Raymond Bernard states in his book The Hollow Earth : "These mysterious tunnels, an enigma to archaelogists, exist in greatest number under Brazil , where they open on the surface in various places.

The most famous is in the Roncador Mountains of northeast Matto Grosso to where Colonel Fawcett was heading when last seen. It is claimed that the Atlantean city for which he searched was not the ruins of a dead city on the surface but a subterranean city with still living Atlanteans as its inhabitants; and that he and his son Jack reached this city and are still living therein.

Fawcett was heading when he and his two companions disappeared without trace. Indeed, Fawcett remarked: "The mountains there are quite high.

We shall then follow the mountains…. While commenting on the Andes and Himalayan mountain ranges, Kenneth Rayner Johnson, in his book The Fulcanelli Phenomenon says: "In both these regions, the one below and the other above the equator, there are numerous legends of secret treasuries and libraries deep within the mountains.

Of refuges in which mankind sheltered from a world disaster. The concept of the Earth being hollow is one which has been written about for at least the past century or so.

In , Marshall B. In his second edition the author produces a diagrammatic plate showing the earth as a hollow planet with an opening entrance at the North Pole.

What is significant is that a photograph taken by the ESSA —7 satellite on 23rd November over the North Pole , without cloud cover, clearly reveals a substantial circular opening which, it is claimed, was navigated by Rear Admiral Richard E.

Byrd United States Navy on a secret expedition made in Over a period of time much material has been written about the hollow earth theory , and recently a book has been published Hollow Planets : A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds by Jan Lamprecht, which suggests that all the planets in the Universe may be hollow, a creative principle which may hold true throughout the stellar worlds.

In more recent times the theory of a hollow earth is generally believed to have been first investigated by an American writer, William Reed, in and subsequently by another American, Marshall B.

Gardner, as previously mentioned. However, what is not so well known, is that in a 48 page booklet was produced entitled The Secret of the Poles.

The author was a certain Henry Campion and his treatise was published in Birmingham, England. In advance of the aforementioned two American hollow earth researchers, Campion wrote that the earth was hollow with entrances at both the north and south poles.

To quote Campion: "The earth's axis is completely hollow, and entirely devoid throughout - from south to north - of terra firma; it has two complete openings, one at the South Pole , the other at its exact opposite, the North Pole , it is continuously hollow, and completely open throughout its supposed dense structure from pole to pole, quite literally and completely.

To again quote Dr. Byrd in and respectively, which penetrated for 1, miles beyond the North Pole and 2, miles beyond the South Pole , into a new unknown, iceless territory not recorded on a map, extending inside the polar depressions and openings that lead to the hollow interior of the earth….

After Byrd made his radio announcement from his plane and after a brief press notice, all subsequent news on the subject was carefully suppressed by government agencies.

There was an important reason for this. In support of the hollow earth theory an intriguing tale is recorded in a book entitled Belden, the White Chief; or, Twelve Years among the Wild Indians of the Plains, which was published in in the USA.

The book is a compilation, edited by General James S. Brisbin, from the diaries and manuscripts of George P.

The pertinent extract reads as follows: "Washtella, tell me where your people first came from. My own father once saw the hole they came out of, but I never saw it, as it is far down the Missouri , where the white man lives.

The whole Mandan nation , it is said, once resided in one large village underground near a subterranean lake….

There is seemingly some like relation between this legend and the tradition held by certain hill tribes of the old Konkan kingdom in India , who have a belief that their ancestors came out of a cave in the earth.

The following intriguing information was provided by L. Christine Hayes now Maia Nartoomid in the first issue of The Source, a journal which she began in She says: "There are four massive natural openings into the Central Earth.

The Northern and Southern Doors are the natural openings at the poles of the planet. These opulent shaped space areas ARE the magnetic polar vortexes of Earth.

Because of the type of magnetic pulse in these regions, it is difficult for a traveller to wander into the openings.

Despite this natural protective field, there are surface dwellers who have wandered into the polar opulents. For those who know the mechanics of spectral—polar magnetism, as do the inhabitants of the Interior World , travelling through the magnetic veils is a simple process.

While these were originally large, naturally hollowed passages, they have been maintained and enhanced through the centuries.

There are other natural, smaller, closed passages which are artificially maintained and large enough for human passage. Some of the more prominent of these are: Mt.

Shasta in Northern California , Mt. Teton in Wyoming, Mt. Hood in Washington State, Mt. She says: "The Order of the Labyrinth is a specific secret society which has existed in various forms for the last 25, years.

In its latter period, this Order built the many labyrinths and catacombs that roamed beneath the cathedrals, monasteries , druidic mounds, and other ancient ruins of Europe interconnecting in a network of passages and chambers.

These passages are far more than a secret route to holy places. They are the inner matrice for a resonating field of consciousness that was brought closer to the surface of our world for the purpose of inviting our participation, however subtle , in the act of receiving from the living Earth….

The Mysteries of this Order were taught by Jesus and later incorporated in esoteric Christianity …. These records and relics are to be revealed to the world one initiatory level at a time , as those surface-born are ready to receive enlightenment.

The network. One of the most common names cited for the society of underground dwellers is Agharta or Agartha with its capital city of Shamballa. The source for this information , apparently, is The Smoky God , the " biography " of a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen.

According to Agartha - Secrets of the Subterranean Cities, the story, written by Willis Emerson, explains how Jansen's sloop sailed through an entrance to the Earth's interior at the North Pole.

For two years he lived with the inhabitants of the Agharta network of colonies who, Emerson writes, were a full 12 feet tall and whose world was lit by a "smoky" central sun.

Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, was also the seat of government for the network. How and why they went there.

The many cataclysms and wars taking place on the surface drove these people underground, according to Secrets: "Consider the lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry that eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations.

The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures.

Admiral Bird. I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It concerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven.

There comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into insignificance and one must accept the inevitability of the Truth! I am not at liberty to disclose the following documenta tion at this writing In a world of greed and exploitation of certain of mankind can no longer suppress that which is truth.

All is well and radio reception is normal. Altering course foe a better examination of this color pattern below, note reddish or purple color also.

Circle this area two full turns and return to assigned compass heading. Position check made again to base camp, and relay information concerning colorations in the Ice and snow below.

Take bearing with Sun compass , yet all seems well. The controls are seemingly slow to respond and have sluggish quality, but there is no indication of Icing!

They are mountains and consisting of a small range that I have never seen before! Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion.

There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over Ice and Snow!

To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation Instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!

It is green with either moss or a type of tight knit grass. The Light here seems different. I cannot see the Sun anymore.

We make another left turn and we spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below us. It appears to be an elephant! It looks more like a mammoth!

This is incredible! Yet, there it is! Decrease altitude to feet and take binoculars to better examine the animal. It is confirmed - it is definitely a mammoth-like ani mal!

Report this to base camp. The external temperature indicator reads 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing on our heading now. Navigation instruments seem normal now.

I am puzzled over their actions. Attempt to contact base camp. Radio is not functioning! Ahead we spot what seems to be a city!!!! This is impossible!

Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls refuse to respond!! My GOD!!! Off our port and star board wings are a strange type of aircraft.

They are closing rapidly alongside! They are disc-shaped and have a radiant quality to them. They are close enough now to see the markings on them.

It is a type of Swastika!!! This is fantastic. Where are we! What has happened. I tug at the controls again. They will not respond!!!!

We are caught in an invisible vice grip of some type! The message is: 'Welcome, Admiral, to our domain. We shall land you in exactly seven minutes!

Relax , Admiral, you are in good hands. The aircraft is under some strange control and is now turning itself.

The controls are useless. We begin the landing process now, and in moments the plane shudders slightly, and begins a descent as though caught in some great unseen elevator!

The downward motion is negligible, and we touch down with only a slight jolt! Several men are approaching on foot toward our aircraft.

They are tall with blond hair. In the distance is a large shimmering city pulsating with rainbow hues of color. I do not know what is going to happen now, but I see no signs of weapons on those approaching.

I hear now a voice ordering me by name to open the cargo door. I comply. From this point I write all the following events here from memory.

It defies the imagination and would seem all but madness if it had not happened. The radioman and I are taken from the aircraft and we are re ceived in a most cordial manner.

We were then boarded on a small platform-like conveyance with no wheels! It moves us toward the glowing city with great swiftness. As we approach, the city seems to be made of a crystal material.

Soon we arrive at a large building that is a type I have never seen before. It appears to be right out of the design board of Frank Lloyd Wright, or perhaps more correctly, out of a Buck Rogers setting!!

We are given some type of warm beverage which tasted like nothing I have ever savored before. It is delicious. After about ten minutes, two of our wondrous appearing hosts come to our quarters and announce that I am to accompany them.

I have no choice but to comply. I leave my radioman behind and we walk a short dis tance and enter into what seems to be an elevator.

We descend downward for some moments, the machine stops, and the door lifts silently upward! We then proceed down a long hallway that is lit by a rose-colored light that seems to be emanating from the very walls themselves!

One of the beings motions for us to stop before a great door. Over the door is an inscription that I cannot read. The great door slides noiselessly open and I am beckoned to enter.

One of my hosts speaks. I step inside and my eyes adjust to the beautiful coloration that seems to be filling the room completely.

Then I begin to see my sur roundings. What greeted my eyes is the most beautiful sight of my entire existence. It is in fact too beautiful and wondrous to describe.

It is exquisite and delicate. I do not think there exists a human term that can describe it in any detail with justice! My thoughts are interrupted in a cordial manner by a warm rich voice of melodious quality, 'I bid you welcome to our domain, Admiral.

He is seated at a long table. He motions me to sit down in one of the chairs. After I am seated, he places his fingertips together and smiles.

He speaks softly again, and conveys the following. We shall not long delay your mission , and you will be safely escorted back to the surface and for a distance beyond.

But now, Admiral, I shall tell you why you have been summoned here. Our interest rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Japan.

It was at that alarm ing time we sent our flying machines, the "Flugelrads", to your surface world to investigate what your race had done.

That is, of course, past history now, my dear Admiral, but I must continue on. You see, we have never interfered before in your race's wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy.

Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world , and yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist.

You see, our Culture and Science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral. The Master's eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into my mind , and after studying me for a few moments he replied, 'Your race has now reached the point of no return, for there are those among you who would destroy your very world rather than relinquish their power as they know it Yes, even pursued with malice and animosity by your fighter planes.

So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world , a black fury that will not spend itself for many years.

There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science. It may rage on until every flower of your culture is trampled, and all human things are leveled in vast chaos.

Your recent war was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race. We here see it more clearly with each hour..

We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures , and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping.

When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race. Perhaps, by then, you will have learned the futility of war and its strife You, my son, are to return to the Surface World with this message With these closing words, our meeting seemed at an end.

I stood for a moment as in a dream Suddenly, I was again aware that the two beautiful hosts who had brought me here were again at my side.

I turned once more before leaving and looked back toward the Master. A gentle smile was etched on his delicate and ancient face.

Quickly, we walked back through the great door of the Master's chamber and once again entered into the elevator.

The door slid silently downward and we were at once going upward. One of my hosts spoke again, 'We must now make haste, Admiral, as the Master desires to delay you no longer on your scheduled timetable and you must return with his message to your race.

I said nothing. All of this was almost beyond belief , and once again my thoughts were interrupted as we stopped. I entered the room and was again with my radioman.

He had an anxious expres sion on his face. As I approached, I said, 'It is all right, Howie, it is all right. The engines were idling and we boarded immediately.

The whole atmosphere seemed charged now with a certain air of urgency. After the cargo door was closed the aircraft was imme diately lifted by that unseen force until we reached an altitude of feet.

Two of the aircraft were alongside for some dis tance guiding us on our return way. I must state here, the airspeed indicator registered no reading, yet we were moving along at a very rapid rate.

Auf Wiedersehen!!!! The aircraft suddenly felt as though caught in a sharp downdraft for a moment. We quickly recovered her control.

We do not speak for some time , each man has his thoughts We radio them, they respond. We report all conditions normal Base camp expresses relief at our re-established contact.

I have a mission March 11, I have just attended a staff meeting at the Pentagon. I have stated fully my discovery and the message from the Master.

All is duly recorded. The President has been ad vised. I am now detained for several hours six hours, thirty- nine minutes, to be exact.

I am interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a medical team. It was an ordeal!!!! I am placed under strict control via the national security provisions of this United States of America.

I am reminded that I am a military man and I must obey orders. These last few years elapsed since have not been kind I now make my final entry in this singular diary.

In closing, I must state that I have faithfully kept this matter secret as directed all these years. It has been completely against my values of moral right.

Now, I seem to sense the long night coming on and this secret will not die with me, but as all truth shall, it will triumph and so it shall.

This can be the only hope for mankind. I have seen the truth and it has quickened my spirit and has set me free! I have done my duty toward the monstrous military industrial complex.

Now, the long night begins to approach, but there shall be no end. Just as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again It was touted to be an expedition to find "coal deposits" and other valuable resources, but in actuality they were trying to find the underground base of the nazis aryans in Neuschwabenland.

The nazis had done a very detailed study of Antarctic and were alleged to have built an underground base there. In this regard however, the aryans have had an underground habitation in Antarctic for more than a million years.

An armed contingent of sailors, and three dog sled teams were also on board. The expedition was filmed by the Navy and brought to Hollywood to be made into a commercial film called "The Secret Land".

There were three divisions of Operation High Jump: one land group with tractors, explosives, and plenty of equipment to refurbish "Little America ", and make an airstrip to land the six R-4D's DC-3's , and two seaplane groups.

They also were fitted with large skis for landing on the ice field prepared for them. The skis were specially fitted at three inches above the surface of the carrier deck.

When landing on the ice at "Little America " the three inches of tire in contact with the snow and ice provided just enough and not too much drag for a smooth landing.

Admiral Byrd's team of six R4-D's were fitted with the super secret "Trimetricon" spy cameras and each plane was trailing a magnetometer.

They flew over as much of the continent as they could in the short three month "summer" period, mapping and recording magnetic data.

Magnetometers show anomalies in the Earth's magnetism, i. It was stated that he had "lost an engine" and had had to throw everything overboard except the films themselves and the results of magnetometer readings in order to maintain altitude long enough to return to Little America.

This is most certainly the time when he met with representatives of the aryans and a contingent of nazis. The task force came steaming back with their data which then became classified "top secret".

Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal retired and started to "talk". He was put in Bethesda Naval Hospital psychiatric ward where he was prevented from seeing or talking to anyone, including his wife!

It was ruled a suicide , case closed. He was telling people about the underground aryan base. At the end of , Admiral Richard E. The purpose of American expedition was to study the ice of the continent that is the title of Queen Maud Land, or New Swabia.

It is equipped, however, was strange for a peaceful expedition. By the shores of the ice continent went: aircraft carrier, 13korabley of various types, 25 aircraft and helicopters.

In the expedition consisted of only 25 fellows, but there were Marines, soldiers and officers! Creating a database on the ice continent, leaders of the Third Reich began in First, to the shores of Antarctica was sent to a research ship.

Located on the hydroplane photographed nearly a quarter of the continent and dropped to the ice metallic with swastika pennants.

Germany declared itself the owner of a huge territory, known as New Swabia. Then, to the shores of Antarctica hidden submarine went to sea dog Admiral Karl Denitsa.

After the Second World War were discovered documents indicate that investigators found in New Swabia system interconnected caves with warm air.

To the underground city in Antarctica can quietly exist during the Second World War , German military fleet has made unprecedented precautions.

Any vessel which has appeared in the area of ocean bordering Queen Maud Land, immediately put on the bottom.

The German grasping at the Antarctic:. Every three months in the Antarctic research vessel flying Schwabenland. For several years in Antarctica gornoprohodcheskoe transported equipment and other machinery, including rail roads, cars and huge cutters for drilling tunnels.

On top of that, according to the American Uindela Colonel Stevens, who worked at the end of the war in the intelligence , the Germans built a huge cargo of eight submarines.

A utopia is a perfect world. People living in utopias are immortal, and possess supernatural powers. They are forever happy, and worry free.

Sickness, suffering, and desire have never been spoken of in utopias. There are many different known stories of utopias, such as: Shangri-la, Atlantis, and Xanadu.

Utopias are said to be myths, but could it be possible they are real? Could the great legend of Shangri-La be all myth, or could it actually be true?

The legend starts way back in Ancient India, around 4oo BC. At the time the legend was known as the legend of Mahabharata.

In Northern Kuru everything is perfect Kalmiya. This place is considered to also be a utopia. After many years the legend of Mahabharata was translated into Tibetan, and now this legend is referred to as Shangri-La Kalmiya.

Another name for Shangri-La is Shambhala Crystalwinds. Depending on what religion you believe, determines what you call this perfect utopia Crystalwinds.

In Shangri-La there is forever youth, and lifelong happiness Crystalwinds. The people in Shangri-La possess perfect bodies, and have supernatural powers Crystalwinds.

The people of Shangri-La have perfect qualities, such as love and wisdom, and know nothing of suffering or desire Crystalwinds.

People believe Shangri-La to be a barrier between Earth and life after Crystalwinds. Shangri-La is located in the icy mountains of the Himalayas Crystalwinds.

It is said to be hidden to keep out any wondering outsiders. Many people have tried to find Shangri-La, but have been unsuccessful.

The only way people can find Shangri-La is if they have pure spirituality Crystalwinds. The King of Shambhala travelled to India and met with Buddha to learn the spiritual teachings of the Kalachakra Crystalwinds.

He took these teachings back to the city, where the teachings were preserved Crystalwinds.

Gardner, as previously Latest On Man Utd Transfers. Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. Attempt to contact base camp. This kingdom was known to the Asian Buddhist Lamas as Agharti. The legend of this lost valley is one of the most ancient Tibetan myths, and one of the most striking myths of a sacred landscape, a landscape that inspires stories itself. I am placed under strict control via the national security provisions of this United States of America. By the third time around they had slowed down enough to see the lights and land at the air field. I am in shock — said Lance Bailey, as amended. It appears to be right out of the design board of Frank Lloyd Wright, or perhaps more correctly, out of a Buck Rogers Trumpf Online Test

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Ich hab eine Mail Rubbellose Erstellen den Support geschrieben und was bekam ich zurück, manchmal jedoch auch im 3D-Bereich umgesetzt. Mit dem Wind um die Welt. Das abgelegene Hunzatal befindet sich am westlichen Ende des Himalayas und ist von Bergen eingeschlossen. Die meisten gehen dann und kommen lange Zeit nicht wieder, Llama Gaming Casino online casino geisha slots tipps and tricks wie Sie Ihre Spielstatistiken Online Kartenspiele Yugioh können. Es kursiert mitunter immer noch das Gerücht, dass Sie Home Den gewinnen lässt. Jedoch basiert Hiltons Shangri-La auf der alten östlichen Legende von Chang Shambhaladas als Quelle der Weisheit bereits in frühen buddhistischen Schriften erwähnt wird. Grundsätzlich ist Glücksspiel in Deutschland erlaubt, bevor eine weitere Promotion im Casino beantragt wird. Shangri La Legend

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Play Slots Now. Related Articles. When Shangri-La is on their 32 nd king, Earth will start to end Crystalwinds.

Barbarians will set out looking for something more to conquer, and will come across the Himalaya Mountains, and try to destroy Shangri-La Crystalwinds.

However, Shangri-La will defeat them Crystalwinds. The legend of Shangri-La has many similarities as Earth. However, they deal more with religion, and spirituality, than anything else.

Epically, since they have their own belief in religion and to find the utopia you must believe in their teachings.

Works cited:. August Feng, Simon. Garg, Anna. Ross, Charlotte. March Posted by Dr. No comments:.

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Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, providing citations to reliable, secondary sources , rather than simply listing appearances.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Makalu-Barun National Park. The myth of Shangri-La: Tibet, travel writing, and the western creation of sacred landscape.

Berkeley: University of California Press. Retrieved Shambhala Sutrah film expedition. Tibetan Civilization , pp. Stanford University Press. New York: Broadway Books.

Film gossip of the week. A selective survey of literature on Tibet. I, London: National Illustrated Library , rev. Adventure Tours Pakistan.

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